All About Syrah Wine

Syrah is among the best red wines ever produced. It’s loved and known by many, but very few can tell the history behind it, let alone its origin. Australian winemakers branded it Shiraz, making its origin a little confusing to a novice wine drinker. I’m going to give you the 411 on Syrah history and tell you all about Syrah wine.  Want to make it even more fun? Bookmark this article! Go grab a bottle of Syrah to enjoy while learning more about this understandably popular wine grape!

The Tales of Syrah Wine

Syrah is a grape distinguished by its dark skin and opaqueness when juiced. This grape originates from two other dark-skinned Southern France wine grapes; Mondeuse Blanche and Dureza. Today, Syrah is grown worldwide and ranks the 6th most planted grape.  This explains how it arrived in Australia from France, where it gradually became ‘Shiraz,’ a name ascribed to the Australian accent.

Petite Sirah is another type of grape, often confused for syrah, though spelled differently. This grape was discovered by Francois Durif, a French Botanist, in the 1860s.  He introduced it in the United States under the name Durif. The grape gained popularity in California and was later renamed Petite Sirah since it resembles syrah, only that its berries are smaller.

So, what’s the origin of Syrah wine? From the above overview, I’d be correct to say; Syrah wines have their roots in France. DNA profiling confirms that Northern Rhone, a highly recognized French wine region, sired syrah.

The Taste of Syrah

Syrah wine welcomes the taste buds with a strong flavor that diminishes gradually, leaving behind a peppery taste. The wine is made of Syrah grapes then added a range of flavors, such as black pepper, herbs, white pepper, smoke, black and red fruits. However, like other wines, syrah is prone to change flavor as it ages. Hence, I recommend picking your Syrah wine based on the phrase ‘wine tastes better with age.’ Nevertheless, this red wine is more elegant than its cousin grapes-produced wine- Shiraz, and Sirah.

Is Syrah Wine Sweet Or Dry

Syrah is a dry wine with a refreshing acidity taste. It contains alcohol content levels ranging from 13-14.5%.

Pair it Up!

Generally, Syrah pairs nicely when served with stews, meat ragù, and mushrooms. Keep in mind that there are different intensities of Syrah. For example, a Syrah wine hailing from a cooler climate (think Sonoma, Saint Josephs, Northern Rhône), will be lighter. Thus, these wines match best with lighter fare such as lamb or grilled chicken.

On the other hand, medium to bold Syrahs pairs superbly with meals that have intense flavors. This includes barbeque, steak, and smoked seitan. These styles of Syrah are produced in warmer climates like South African, Spain, Argentina, and Napa.

If you’ve never enjoyed Syrah, trust me, it’s worth including on your wine bucket list.

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