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SIX New Wine Releases!

We are so excited to announce the official release of six new wines! All of these new wines are now available on the tasting, glass, and bottle menus in Buellton and Laguna Beach. Make a reservation to join us in the lounge and try one, or all, of these delicious new releases! 2018 LOVE & HAPPINESS- Pinot Noir It has an…

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Tracking the California Wildfires in Wine Country

As a California-based winery, I wanted to recognize the devasting effects of this year’s California wildfires. Though the issues facing California’s wineries and vineyards pale in comparison to the those who have lost their homes and lives, it’s still important to spotlight as these deadly fires are also affecting livelihoods. As the wildfires continue to rage, vineyards are among the…

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How to Taste Wine and Develop Your Palete

Developing your palate as a wine connoisseur takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight. However, once you know what you’re looking for and how to determine if something is good or bad, you’ve got a skill that you can use forever. I’m going to outline my four basic techniques for tasting a glass of wine. I didn’t invent this so don’t…

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Rules for Pairing Wine with Food

Despite what many might say, I do believe there are no hard and fast rules comes to pairing wine with food.   Let me start with one simple and clear declaration.  Pairing wine with a food is 100% up to whoever is eating the food and drinking the wine.   If you agree with this, then read on. Going to take some…

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