Does Wine Preference Really Reflect Your Personality?

Wine preference and wine personality quizzes and articles are all over the internet. We are here to get to the bottom of it! Does your wine preference really reflect your personality?! If you’re a wine lover then you likely have a favorite wine or go-to wine. Is there more to it than just the taste though?


Well, according to a study by French Wines with Style, there absolutely is! The research involved 2000 participants and looked at traits including income, interests, and relationship status. Turns out, your palate might be more indicative of your character traits than you may have realized!


Grab your favorite wine and read on to find out what your wine preference says about your personality.





Merlot is a classic that’s a go-to wine for many different types of people. These people do share some common traits, however! If your wine selection is frequently Merlot than you are probably laid-back and like to go with the flow. You’re adaptable and generally aren’t a picky person. Oh, but wait! Just because you’re easygoing does not mean you’re a pushover! You have plenty of ideas and values that you won’t abandon.


Sauvignon Blanc

A sophisticated wine, Sauvignon Blanc is refreshing and goes well with a variety of different dishes. In terms of personality, if it’s your wine of choice, then lead the way. You’re an alpha dog and command attention at the many social events you attend. Your sexy, friendly, and clearly, you have good taste!


White Zinfandel

Of all the types of wine, White Zin is one of the sneakiest. Sure, it’s light and refreshing but boy, it’s deceptively alcoholic! If your favorite wine is White Zin, you are a free spirit who’s also a social butterfly. You’re the life of the party, adventurous, and love to try new things. You turn your life into a work of art and live it to the fullest. Forever young is your mantra!



Malbec is layered and intense, much like the people who call it their wine of choice. You prefer to relax with a book than go out. Once people get to know you, your genuine, loving, and emotional. As a Malbec lover, you are layered and complex which just might come off as sexy and mysterious to others.



It’s a pretty pink wine that is feminine, flirty, and fun! If your wine preference is Rosé, we want to be your friend! You’re equal parts sweet and sarcastic with a great sense of humor. Your happy being you and your charm easily attracts others, friends and admirers alike.



Reisling is a very drinkable type of white wine that’s pleasant and sweet without being overbearing. If you love Reisling, chances are you are very kind, genuine, and avoid conflict at all costs. People can count on you to be a good friend and often come to you when they need help or guidance. Bottom line, you’re a really good person- strangely enough, Reisling pairs well with foods that have a little spice to them!



Are you passionate? Stylish? Ooze confidence? If so, your wine preference could be Chardonnay. It’s got a bold, recognizable flavor, and those who love it, really love it! You embrace the things and people you love and are up-to-date with the latest trends. You also are confident in your own choices as well.


Cabernet Sauvignon

Cabernet is a detailed, rich red, and if it’s your favorite wine selection, you have a similar attention to detail. You’re also very classy with a love for learning and exploring the world around you. You’re proud of your experiences and content overall. Your meticulous nature makes you successful at work and at home.


Pinot Grigio

A Pinot Grigio lover is charming and attractive. You love romance, excitement, and tend to always be looking forward to your next adventure. As a socialite, you adore meeting new people and have a spontaneous side. Although you can be gullible at times, you always manage to find your way out of a sticky situation!


Pinot Noir

This signature drink is a very popular and sophisticated wine choice that’s beloved by many. If your one of them, you’re as classy as they come! You’re a hard worker and enjoy being successful at everything you do. You make smart decisions and are respected by those around you. Even though you take your work seriously, don’t get it twisted- you know how to let loose and have fun too!



The last on our list is for those of you whose wine preference is Champagne. You’re up to celebrate any occasion and have a positive outlook on life. You care deeply about what others think but will go out of your way to help others. You’re goal-oriented, prefer the finer things in life, and dress to impress!


Other wine and personality types:

  • Shiraz-your mantra is YOLO and you’re a bit crazy, in a good way
  • Moscato- you’re young and happy go lucky but still new to the world of wine
  • Carmenere-  you’re a dreamer, quick on your feet, and enjoy connecting with others
  • Sangiovese- you’re one smart cookie! You read others well, are extremely outspoken, and love a challenge
  • Tempranillo- planning and staying organized are important to you, you’re a realist who knows what they want and how to get there
  • Grenache- you’re just a sweet person that loves everyone! You love giving but you want to feel appreciated at the same time
  • Nebbiolo- you’re a bit of a know it all but it’s because you are very intelligent and goal-oriented with leadership skills
  • Barbera- conservative, serious, and traditional, are all words that describe you
  • Petit Verdot- you seek to make the world a better place and start with the people around you; you’re “woke”
  • Syrah- organized and decisive, you have a great deal of empathy towards others
  • Cabernet Franc- you usually take it all in before acting, you enjoy facts, data, and you think logically more than emotionally
  • Gamay- you’re reserved yet friendly and also attentive. You despise conflict and are a fiercely loyal friend
  • Mourvedre- you’re a goal-oriented and a great problem solver; you choose to see the good in others and your values are of the utmost importance.


Ok, sooo, what do you think? Did your wine preference and wine personality match up? Did it inspire you to try out types of wine you may not have cared to before? No matter what wine preference you have, it’s safe to say that people in general really are just like wine. Complex and varied but all of them are unique, special, and loved.


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