Valentine’s Day Dinner and Wine Ideas for the Most Romantic Night of the Year

Valentine’s Day dinner ideas are a hot topic as the holiday approaches. Of course, the classic way to celebrate this day of love is no other than with a well-planned, romantic meal! Choose a savory dish, add in an aphrodisiac food, and top it off with a glass of complementing wine. “But where do I even start,” is likely the question frantically running across minds across the country.

Well, sit tight!- I have you covered with some romance-sparking suggestion for everyone.


Savory Vegan Chili

While chili is a very hearty dish, it can also spark romance by warming the spirit on a wintry Valentine’s Day. There are multiple veggie chili recipes to choose from so pick one filled with your significant other’s favorite ingredients. Be sure your selection includes a dash of chili pepper. It’s known to be a natural aphrodisiac. It may be just what you need to get your evening rolling in the right direction! Pair this dish with a sweet, dry wine like our Summer Breeze blend to accent the chili’s rich flavors. If wine is not on the menu, a bottle of chilled beer makes a tasty companion to a chili dinner as well.

A Classic Steak Dinner

For the meat eaters, there’s truly nothing that tops a savory steak dinner. A side of baked potato and salad rounds out the meal nicely. Try satisfying your sweet tooth with some chocolate-covered strawberries at the end of your meal. Chocolate and strawberries are both thought to spark feelings of love, making these ingredients a go-to choice for Valentine’s Day desserts. Match your steak dinner with a glass of Burgandy, Sauvignon, Bordeaux or other red wine that’s rich in tannins. Our Sacred Love Reserve is an excellent selection for this meal.

Nothing Says Love Like a Custom-Crafted Salad

Craft a hearty salad brimming with your or your significant others favorite toppings. Toss in some rich, green leafy lettuce or spinach, a few cherry tomatoes, some grilled shrimp or chicken, and complete it with a special ingredient- pine nuts. Pine nuts offer a tantalizing crunch and release tastebud tickling flavor onto your palate. These seeds are thought to have love-inspiring powers! This makes them the perfect topper for the salad of your choice. Throw in a couple of avocado slices to amp up the health factor of this dish.

The perfect Valentine’s Day wine to round out a robust salad include white varieties with a light flavor. Opt for a Chardonnay, Sauvignon, Riesling, or a simple glass of sparkling champagne.

Sweets for Your Sweetheart

If you’re looking for Valentine’s Day dinner ideas that are ultra-light on the stomach, but full of flavor, here’s an idea. How about converting a fruity dessert into a light meal? A fruit salad topped by banana slices and a drizzle of honey might do the trick. Bananas contain an ample supply of potassium and B vitamins that rev up your energy. Honey offers romance-stimulating nutrients as well. When you combine the two, you’ve got a combination that’s perfect for the holiday of love.

Valentine’s Day wines that pair well with banana-based dishes include Malbec and Chardonnay. Malbec accents the natural sweetness of bananas with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. The Chardonnay enhances its flavors with a buttery, oaky taste.

An All-Time Favorite on Every List of Valentine’s Day Dinner Ideas

Lobster continues to dominate when it comes to romantic dinners. Oysters, clams, and tomalley can also amp up your mood for an evening of romance. Round out your seafood dinner with the perfect Valentine’s Day wine pairing by choosing a bottle of Chardonnay for unsurpassed smooth, buttery flavor.

Valentine’s Day meal ideas are endless, but the five mentioned here will give you a jump start on serving up the most romantic dinner of the year. Selecting the perfect dinner is all about flavor, but if you can toss in a few love-sparking ingredients, why not?! McClain Cellars makes it easy to pair the perfect wine with a meal that will have lasting memories.

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