How To Pair Wine With Greek Cuisine

Greek cuisine is filled with classic Mediterranean ingredients and spices. Wheat, vegetable oil, olive oil, and wine (hooray!) are some of the common ingredients used to create tasty Greek dishes. Many Greek dishes are commonly paired with wine. Discover all the best tips for pairing wine with Greek Cuisine like a natural. 

Common Ingredients In Greek Dishes

In order to make a tasty Greek meal, you will need the traditional ingredients to make these dishes. Fresh vegetables, seafood, other grilled meats, and wine are going to be essential ingredients you will need on hand. These ingredients will allow you to make gyros, classic Greek salads, moussaka, and other classic Greek dishes. 

Wine Pairing Recommendations

With so many wines available, you may be feeling overwhelmed when trying to select the best wine for Greek food. White wines are common in this cuisine. Retsina and Assyrtiko, for example, are very well-known wines for Greek food pairing. Malagousia and Spilitsa Argolida are other popular wines that taste great and pair well with traditional Greek dishes. All these wines are great options to sip on wine while enjoying your meal.

Moussaka: pairs nicely with Barbera or Tempranillo

Greek Salad: pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Grigio

Lamb Souvlaki: pairs well with Grenache or Merlot

Olive and Feta Dolmades: pairs nicely with Riesling or Vermentino

Spanakopita: pairs nicely with Chardonnay or Malbec

Furthermore, let’s say you’d like to use the wine as an ingredient. Here are some options for using wine as a cooking ingredient in your dish. Pinot Noir, Riesling, and Chenin Blanc are good quality wines that you can use to cook with. These flavorful wines will take your meals to another level. 

Traditional Greek Cuisine Meal Paired With Wine

Now that you know some good options for wines to select, you will need to know about a traditional Greek meal. In the traditional Greek culture, oftentimes, meat is reserved for big Sunday meals. Throughout the other parts of the week fish and other seafood are used for protein sources. Combine beans, vegetables, and rice to make casseroles or simply have them as separate dishes. Also, set your table like a traditional Greek table. Lay out all of the dishes. These dishes will be nibbled on overtime. Finally, do not forget to lay out the classic wine. The wine element will tie the entire meal together. 

A Few Wine Pairing Rules

Select a wine that works well with your taste palate. Select a classic wine that goes well with traditional Greek cuisine. And most importantly, don’t be afraid to explore them all until you find your favorite wine that pairs with Greek food.

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