All About Riesling Wine: Flavor Profile, History, Pairings

Riesling is an aromatic grape variety that hails from Germany. Due to its versatility, it sits at the top of many wine lists. Although technically a white wine, Riesling ages much better than most. Additionally, it offers a fruity flavor punctuated by a crisp taste.

Riesling has earned its spot on some of the best wine lists in the world. And for good reason!

Riesling Origin

While it is now manufactured around the world, Riesling first originated from Germany many, many centuries ago. It was actually an extremely popular choice among German nobility. They appreciated its complex aromas and one-of-a-kind character. Furthermore, it’s been said that Riesling wine was brought along on long journeys of conquest. It makes dry, sweet, semi-sweet, and sparkling wines. It can be more or less, dry or sweet depending on the region.

Unique Flavors

With its perfume-like and floral aromas, Riesling tends to stand out from the rest. Rheinriesling is perfect for those new to the wine world as it has tones that are easy to pick out. This includes peach, apple, apricot, pear, and lemon. It has low-levels of alcohol and high acidity which suits both beginners and wine veterans alike. On the aged varieties, Riesling is prized for its notes of smokiness and petroleum (a highly regarded feature among aged wines).

Perfect Pairings

Riesling’s popularity is also due to the diversity of different foods it can be wonderfully paired with. It also matches extremely well with spicier foods, especially those with more exotic flavors. Foods typically found in Thai, Chinese, and Indian cuisine pair incredibly. Riesling wine can also be enjoyed with a variety of and accentuates the flavors of many kinds of cheese.  Take note, however, those of the stinkier variety might overpower the delicate flavors of the fruit within the wine.

Ideal for the Wine Novice

As stated earlier, any of the eclectic varieties of Riesling are the perfect first step for beginners. The relatively low alcohol content is another plus. Beginners will also enjoy the obvious and striking flavors. Riesling really does make for the perfect introduction to wine life. Pairing with white meats and spicy flavors is ideal. Depending on the type though, it can work well with almost anything! The sweeter varieties, even make an excellent dessert wine.

Every wine connoisseur understands the intricacies of each individual style of wine. Riesling is a star because of the versatility in not only the taste but also in the wine processes. It certainly earns its reputation as one of the most worldly wines!

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