The Remarkable History of Wine Cellars and Wine Storage

As most wine enthusiasts know, wine dates back centuries upon centuries. It has been a popular drink throughout the ages. Thanks to technological advancements, we are able to keep our wine cellars perfectly lighted, insulated, and temperature-controlled. But what did they do back in the day (way back!)?

Prepare to delve into the lasting history of wine storage!

The Beginning:

Present-day wine cellars are modeled after those in history. Before technology, the Romans kept their beloved beverage within the confines of the underground catacombs. Others found deep underground cave systems or even dug them themselves like the French. There is quite a bit of archaeological evidence that suggests that ancient people (like those in Iran) were making and enjoying wine thousands of years before even the written word was thought of.  

Remnants of pottery, thought to be more than 7000 years old, were recently recovered from a Neolithic kitchen in Iran. While some wine cellars found (Tel Kabri) can be dated back to about 1700 BCE. The storage room was beyond its years and was relatively decent-sized at four and a half by seven meters. Much of what we know about winemaking, storage, and preservation is thanks to the genius minds of the past. 

Present Day:

These days, wine enthusiasts have many different techniques at their disposal to aid in the making of their favored beverage. No doubt, many factors play a role in producing that perfect wine. There are also just as many advancements in our capabilities to store it. Whatever set-up or storage facility you prefer there are plenty of machines and contraptions available. In fact, the wine cellars of today are very much more sophisticated and technologically advanced. Nowadays it would be easy and hassle-free to build a fully-functional wine cellar in the dining room of your home. 

Basic Preservation Tips and Techniques:

  • Always store your wine at the appropriate temperature. It is very temperature sensitive and even the slightest variation can destroy the bottles’ aroma. 
  • Store horizontally.
  • Keep your wine stored in a wine fridge, not a regular refrigerator.
  • Proper humidity is imperative.
  • Protect your wine from both light and vibration.

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Wine culture is almost comparative to a universally known and loved language. So many different cultures around the world, have a history of loving and perfecting the art of wine. It has taken its time becoming what we appreciate today, but that is what makes wine so spectacular! Nothing truly ages like fine wine and the more we learn, the better we get at it. After all, as the old saying goes, practice makes perfect. Here’s to each new decade producing an even more perfect barrel!

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