12 Wine Tasting Games for Your Next Party

Wine, laughs, and good friends, oh my! There is nothing quite like a fun gathering of amazing people and good wine. The only thing that could make the party better, would be some wine tasting games to amp up the celebration!

12. Name the Region:

This one might not be for beginners or novices in the wine world. After removing the bottle labels, each participant must be able to correctly name the region that wine originated from. Start off with simple, well-known ones and gradually increase the difficulty. This is the perfect wine tasting game for you wine connoisseurs!

11. Never Have I Ever – The Parental Version:

Have fun, laugh, and remove the weight from your chest. This adult version of the high school game asks you to admit to your parenting mistakes by drinking wine. IE: Never have I ever… done my child’s homework because I forgot to make him do it. If you have, in fact, committed the stated parenting offense, have a sip. Judge not lest ye be judged!

10. A Taste of Wine and Murder:

A good murder mystery ironically seems to liven up any party, and this one is made to fit with your wine theme! There has been a murder! Which one of you did it? You have to solve the murder mystery by tipsily interrogating your party guests. Whodunit? Play with the rules a bit to amp up the wine tasting factor. It requires 6-8 players.

9. Sippy Sip-tionary:

Classic Pictionary with an alcohol-infused twist. Do you like wine? Can you draw or at least get a somewhat identifiable picture down on paper? This hilariously entertaining wine tasting game just gets better as more people are forced to drink. Played just like regular Pictionary, only better because, wine.

8. Wine-egories:

Everyone loves a good old game of categories! This version is based on wine. One person names a wine-related category, varieties, for example. Everyone takes a turn naming a variety of wine until one cannot think of one that hasn’t been used. This person must drink.

7. FREEZE! It’s Time for More Wine:

The lovely hostess will yell freeze, and, you guessed it, you have to freeze. The first to move before the freeze has been lifted must have a few sips of wine. No cheating! Intentionally wiggling to enjoy more wine will not be tolerated.

6. Name the Price Tag:

Purchase a wide range of wines that are varied greatly in price. Be sure to hold onto the receipt. Everyone must guess the price range for each bottle. The person who comes the closest gets a point, the one with the most points gets to pick the drinker.

5. Wineopoly:

Wine? Check. The best board game ever made? Check. That’s right, it’s Monopoly with wine! A wine-based twist on the favorite classic board game. Same basic principle but with a wine theme. Learn fun facts about wine as you drink it and make your way around the board.

4. Winerd:

Not your typical trivia game. Blend your passion for wine with your passion for all things trivia. Now with a blind taste test aspect and a fun board game set up. Pair it with a game of Wine-opoly (learning about the beloved beverage) and let the knowledge fly.

3. Identify That Aroma:

The point of this game is to correctly identify the aromas in different bottles of wine. If you get it wrong, you have to drink the entire glass. The better you know your wine varieties, the better you’ll be at this particular game.

2. Blind Taste Test:

This fun wine tasting party game entails matching the wine with the bottle. It can be a fun way to learn about the different wine types or build on previous knowledge. Begin with obvious wine choices (white vs red) before becoming more and more difficult (which is not the easiest thing to do while having a wine buzz).

1. He Said What?!? Time for a Sip Game:

This one requires some binge-worthy television or a movie or two. Pick a phrase, any phrase, and when it is said on-screen, you have to drink some wine. A cheesy comedy would work especially well! You could also use certain actions instead of phrases. Get creative, have fun with it.

Sharing a bottle of wine, along with some laughs is the cure to many of life’s little problems. These wine tasting games are a great way to do just that. Have fun, have some drinks, and make some memories.

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