50 Types of Grapes Every Wine Lover Should Know

To really know wine, you need to really know the types of grapes used to make it. Though the flavor of the wine is impacted by the fermentation process, storage, and processing, it all starts with the right grape. 

Get to know these popular types of grapes used as wine and/or table varieties!


Merlot is among the most popular types of grapes available to vineyards in France. Second only to Cabernet Sauvignon. Around the world, it is the fifth most planted wine grape. The Merlot variety is a crossbreed between the Cabernet Franc an obscure variety available in the Bordeaux region. Thanks to its diverse flavor profile, it creates a versatile wine that can be paired with a variety of foods.


If you’re a fan of Shiraz or Syrah, you’ll be interested to know this comes from the same grape variety. It’s a heavy-skinned grape that grows best in warm climates, like in Italy, and California. But it’s also very popular in Australia. Wine processed from this variety in Australia takes the name Shiraz.


Zinfandel is a popular grape grown in California. It makes a lighter, sweeter wine, and has a blackberry or raspberry flavor.

Cabernet Sauvignon

The Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are among the most popular grown for wine across the world. It’s a versatile, thick-skinned type of grape that is often mixed with other varieties to create wines of various flavors.


Chardonnay is the most famous white grape variety throughout the world. It’s adaptable to many climates and soils. So it can be grown in Europe, California, Argentina, and even Australia. Wherever it is grown, it provides a unique flavor for the wine.


Riesling grapes grow best in areas with cool climates. They grow in Austria, Germany, and some vineyards in New York. Riesling grapes are versatile, with a natural acidity that allows them to create a delicious dry wine, or sweet dessert wine. The white grape picks up the minerals of the soil where it is grown, so there Riesling wine has a variety of flavors.


Gewürztraminer grapes taste on the vine almost exactly as they do in the bottle. The flavor is soft, clean, and tastes more like a stone fruit than a grape. It’s a hearty white grape variety that can be grown all over the world.

Pinot Blanc

Pinot Blanc grapes are actually a genetic mutation of the Pinot Noir grape. They’re known for their pale color, and crisp, fresh flavors. Additionally, they are grown across Europe, especially Italy, France, and Germany.


Unbelievably, Champagne grapes are not actually the grapes grown in the Champagne region of France that they make sparkling wine out of. The official name for champagne grapes, which are not actually grown in Champagne, is the Black Corinth. They’re small and sweet. They may not be for wine, but they’re great as garnish, or for a sweet treat on their own. They originated in Greece, but they’re grown across Europe and the Mediterranean vineyards.


Concord grapes aren’t generally for wine, however, they are among the more popular types of grapes for juice, and for eating. They’re delicious, juicy, and easy-to-peel skins with large seeds. They’re very fragrant. Moreover, they grow in Northern climates, such as the Finger Lakes region in New York, the Yakima Valley in Washington, and wineries across Michigan and Lake Ontario.

40 Types of Grape Varieties Used For Eating and Wine


Types of Red Grapes:

  • Tempranillo Grape (wine)
  • Flame Seedless Grape (table)
  • Syrah Grape (wine)
  • Red Globe Grape (table)
  • Crimson Grape (table)
  • Valient Grape (table)
  • Cinsault Grape (wine)
  • Barbera Grape (wine)
  • Black Muscat Grape (table/wine)
  • Autumn Royal Grape (table)
  • Petite Verdot Grape (wine)
  • Koshu Grape (table/wine)
  • Glenora Grape (table)
  • Nebbiolo Grape (wine)
  • Garnacha Tinta Grape (wine)
  • Moon Drops Grape (table)
  • Lemberger Grape (wine)
  • Sweet Jubilee Grape (table)
  • Mourvedre Grape (wine)
  • Kyoho Grape (table)


Types of White Grapes:

  • Cotton Candy Grape (table)
  • Airen Grape (wine)
  • Centennial Grape (table)
  • Albarino Grape (wine)
  • Gruner Veltliner Grape (wine)
  • Semillon Grape (wine)
  • Dominga Grape (table)
  • Voignier Grape (wine)
  • Marsanne Grape (wine)
  • Moon Balls Grape (table)
  • Garganega Grape (wine)
  • Silvaner Grape (wine)
  • Thompson Seedless Grape (table)
  • Torrontes Grape (wine)
  • Fry Muscadine Grape (table)
  • Chenin Blanc Grape (wine)
  • Marquis Grape (table)
  • Rousanne Grape (wine)
  • Trebbiano Toscano Grape (wine)
  • Sauvignon Blanc Grape (wine)

The “right” wine is a matter of taste but the quality of the wine is all about the grape you’re choosing. Each grape has it’s own personality, including flavor profile, skin, and best growing conditions. The more you know about grapes, the more you will understand about wine!

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