Top 2023 Wine Trend Predictions

Before we get too far into the new year, it’s time to consider what trends will define wine in the coming months. Wine connoisseurs are on a never-ending search for the perfect bottle, leading them from one country to the next in their exploration of different flavors and styles. From pairing with food to trying new varieties, many people look for new and innovative ways to enjoy wines. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, it’s important to know what’s trending in the world of wine. There’s no doubt that this coming year will see some exciting trends in the world of wine, so let’s look at what we can expect for 2023.

1. Natural Wines 

In recent years, “natural wines” have become increasingly popular. These wines are made with minimal intervention and use organic grapes grown without synthetic chemicals or additives like sulfur dioxide. Natural wines are typically lower in alcohol content than conventional wines and have a more distinct flavor profile that many people find appealing. Many natural winemakers also take great pride in their craftsmanship, often utilizing traditional techniques passed down through generations. Expect to see more natural wines emerging in the coming year.

2. Alcohol-Free Wines 

Another trend we’re likely to see more of in 2023 is alcohol-free wines. While there has been an increasing demand for low-alcohol beverages over the last few years, alcohol-free wines offer all the taste and complexity of regular wines without any intoxicating effects. This makes them a great option for people who want to enjoy a glass of wine but don’t want to get drunk. Alcohol-free wines may also be better for your health since they contain fewer calories than regular wines and don’t cause dehydration or other negative side effects associated with drinking alcohol. 

3. Canned Wines 

Canned wine has been around for several years, but it’s only recently gained traction as an easy way to enjoy a glass without opening up a bottle. They can also offer convenience as they are light and easy to transport compared to bottles. You don’t have to worry about broken glass if you drop one! In addition, canned wines are increasingly becoming available in interesting flavor combinations, such as rose with elderflower or pinot grigio with strawberry and hibiscus. So if you want something unique and convenient for your next gathering, try looking into canned wines! 

 4. Rosé all the way

Rosé wines have been steadily increasing in popularity over the last few years, and this trend is likely to continue in 2023. Rosés are usually made from a blend of red and white grapes, resulting in a dry but fruity flavor that pairs well with various foods. They come in all different styles, from light and crisp to bold and creamy. Look out for an increased selection of Rosé varieties when picking out a bottle this year! 

5. Aromatic White Wines 

Aromatic white wines are becoming increasingly popular, and it’s easy to see why. These complex and flavorful wines typically feature notes of herbs, flowers, fruits, and spices. Aromatic whites pair well with various dishes and can easily be enjoyed as an aperitif or digestif. If you’re looking for something different to try in 2023, look for wines like Gewurztraminer, Viognier, Riesling, and Muscat. 

6. Vegan-Friendly Options Becoming More Commonplace  

In recent years, veganism has become increasingly popular worldwide, and it’s no surprise that this trend has spilled over into the world of wine. Some wineries have started producing vegan-friendly options to appeal to those who follow a vegan lifestyle. This allows them to enjoy their favorite beverage without worrying about it containing animal products. Traditional winemaking processes sometimes use ingredients such as egg whites or gelatin. Vegan-friendly wines also tend to be lower in sulfites, making them easier to digest for those with sensitive stomachs or allergies to sulfites in other types of wine. 

All signs point towards an exciting year for wine lovers! Whether you’re looking for a light and crisp rosé or an aromatic white with notes of herbs and spices, there’s sure to be something that satisfies your taste buds. And if you prefer low-calorie alcoholic drinks or follow a vegan lifestyle, you’ll be able to find wines that meet your needs. So get ready to explore all the new and exciting trends that 2023 has to offer.

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