Best Father’s Day Wines for Your Dad’s Personality Type

Father’s Day. The day that we let the man closest to our hearts know just how much he is appreciated. As the saying goes, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Father’s Day can’t go wrong with a nice, fulfilling meal – but this time with a vino twist! Pizza and beer are always a safe choice for Father’s Day dinner celebrations, but why not make it something special with a Father’s Day wine that matches his personality.

Impress dad with a Father’s Day wine that he’s sure to remember (or even keep) for years to come. Keep reading for the best Father’s Day wines (and the dinner ideas to go with them) for your dad’s personality type.

The GrillMaster:

Is dad the master of the grill? For all those grilled food-loving Papa’s out there, there are options for you too. Grilled burgers, hot dogs, and sausages can work quite well with a nice Malbec. It has mellow tannins and a smooth finish, while still being able to hold its own against the grilling flavors.

The Ultimate Sportsman:

Has your dad never missed a game? Refuses to pass up some hot wings or a greasy-licious pizza? While he might want to reach for an ice-cold beer, have him try a glass of Riesling or Moscato, the mild sweetness can offset the strong flavors like no other.

The Humble Homebody:

If your Pops would rather chow down on some good old fashioned comfort food, pairing savoury dishes with a richly textured white wine such as Grenache Blanc would surely hit the spot. Petite Verdot is hardy with high tannins, it is quite eclectic and pairs well with comfort dishes as well.

The Brainiac:

When yours is a dad that actually does ‘know-it-all’, brain food like fish is a fantastic option for Father’s Day dinner and fish always pairs well with a sweet Viognier. If it’s fried fish that you decide to go with, a Shiraz is a comparable partner.

The Man’s Man:

The rugged man’s man prefers manly meals. Something with bold flavors, such as BBQ ribs, can be the perfect accompaniment to a good, hearty Pinot Noir.

The Worldly One:

A worldly dad is one that likes the unconventional. Ethnic dishes, although outstanding all on their own, can get to a whole other level when you throw the right wine into the mix. Flavorful dishes like Indian food, require a full-bodied wine with enough complexity to stand up to the flavors. Less intense foods can do well with white wines like White Zinfandel.

In all honesty, the majority of dads will adore anything their kids come up with for Father’s Day. Opening up his senses to the world of wine is a gift that never stops giving. Although, some wines, tend to go better with certain tastes and personalities, the true beauty of the beverage is how utterly versatile it really is. Happy Father’s Day to all of the amazing Papa’s out there.


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