Wine Pairing Suggestions Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Turns out, your perfect wine match could actually be written in the stars! Most of us enjoy a glass of wine every now and again but does our wine preference define us? I mean, we know certain types of people prefer certain types of wine but believe it or not, it gets even deeper than that! Horoscopes have been around for centuries but zodiac sign wine pairing is still a relatively new concept. 


Find out below which wine matches your zodiac sign and what it says about you! Let us know in the comments if it’s spot on or if it’s way off in outer space.



You Taurus are known for being stubborn, strong, and sometimes a bit angry. To match with your outstanding boldness, a wine that is tested and true, yet has plenty of flavor notes, must be tried. A Red Burgandy should do the trick! It’s a bold, strong wine that is sure to measure up to your powerful personality.


The most practical, yet loving and clear of signs, a Virgo needs a clean wine that still offers plenty of punch. For this reason, you may want to try Pinot Noir— if not for its delicate flavors, then for the classicism that it embodies.


A Capricorn never backs down. They’re ambitious, serious, and sometimes a bit off-center. To match with the cold tones and warm underbelly that comes with a Capricorn, go for the bold yet flavorful and elevated alcoholic content of Primitivo. This wine is a fair match for any Capricorn!


As an Aries, you may be bold, passionate, funny, and you probably have a bit of a mouth on you. To match your wild yet sensible personality, an independent, famous, and strong wine is in order. Try matching an Aries with Gruner Veltliner, which is a popular, peppery yet acidic, dry wine.


Leo enjoys being the center of attention! You probably have a lot going for you as you are a hard worker and a bit demanding, yet on the other hand, you’re also a romantic at heart. You’ll definitely need a wine that can handle the complicated personality of a Leo. Because of this, I think a lovely reserve like our award-winning Poetic Vine can definitely hang with any Leo.


If you’re a Sagittarius, you’re probably pretty good at getting yourself in trouble. You’re adventurous, funny, intelligent and possibly even suave. To match a Sagittarius, (besides trying every single wine), give Sauvignon Blanc a go. It’s perfect to enjoy the outdoors with friends plus it’s suitable for any occasion and pairs with almost any food.


Cancer zodiac signs are parenting, unique, and strong. Because of this, they may want to try a worldly wine, one that matches their strength and curiosity. Any Cancer would be best paired with our Sangiovese for something with a little spice but with strong fruit tannins. it’s a unique yet classic wine, much like a Cancer.


As a Scorpio, the words bold, lively, passionate, and stubborn describe you best. You enjoy the outdoors and live life to the fullest. With so many great qualities, you need a wine that is as honest and straightforward as you are. Zinfandel is an excellent match with its high-acidity yet light-bodied texture. Another great wine that’s right up your alley is Shiraz.


The Pisces has a loving, dreamy, bright and unique personality. Everyone needs a Pisces in their corner! For these compassionate creatures, I approve of a sweet, classic wine like a Rosé. It’s sure to be just as refreshing a you are plus it’s perfect for taking out for a picnic with you closest friends or a paint and wine party.


If you’re a Gemini, then you are one complicated individual! You’re expressive, classic and true. Some may see you as being a bit dry but you’ve got a sweet side they just haven’t seen yet. A classic wine like Riesling speaks volumes about who you truly are. It’s crisp but fruity and can range from dry to semi-sweet to very sweet.


The Aquarius personality is eccentric, witty, and sometimes logical. Your independent nature and connection to all things eco-friendly make Rudderless just right for you. Rudderless is a soft red wine with an earthy body. The complex yet smooth blend of Mourvedre, Petit Verdot, and Zinfandel means you’ll get some surprising and unconventional flavors, much like you! 


You crave balance in all aspects of your life which is not to be confused with boring. Even though you can come off a bit odd, selective, and fair, you manage to stay fun and even flirty sometimes! You need a wine that is equally as balanced and bubbly. Our Barbera and Mourvedre blend screams of the Libra personality! You’ll enjoy the balance, texture and full mouth finish of this wine.

Everyone enjoys sipping a glass of wine every from time to time, especially when it’s well suited to their personality. Even if your zodiac wine pairing is spot on, however, don’t be afraid to experiment with something new.

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