Wines to Pair with 12 Classic Christmas Dinner Recipes

The holidays can be hectic but one of its more redeeming qualities is that classic Christmas comfort food! Serve it up with the perfect Christmas wine pairing and you’re in for the most wonderful time of the year, for sure!  So, read ahead and pick out your fav’s, we’ve included something for everyone’s palette.

Seriously, find time to relax and enjoy a refreshing glass of wine with a delicious meal. You made it through the year, you deserve it. Let’s start the countdown!

12. Vegan Nut Roast

With vegan eating becoming more and more popular, we thought we would start with this deliciously satisfying vegan nut roast from the one and only Jamie Oliver. The succulent mushrooms make this a great balance to your favorite Pinot Noir, just make it more of a medium or full-bodied instead of light and airy.

11. Chili Brined Ham:

A unique twist on a Christmas classic, this ham is no ordinary ham. The cooking process ensures juicy, tender meat but the glaze is what ultimately elevates it to the next level. Ham is very versatile when it comes to wine pairings, however, a good, crisp, white zinfandel or Moscato would really bring out the different flavors in this recipe.

10. Christmas Prime Rib:

There is almost nothing better than a melt-in-your-mouth prime rib. This recipe brings you a time-honored meal with unforgettable flavor. As with most red meats, it goes quite well with a full-bodied Bordeaux.

09. Roasted Christmas Goose:

Ah, an oldie but most certainly a goody. If it is cooked right that is. Goose is technically red meat which means that it should be left slightly rare (no worries, it is perfectly safe!). Many cook it for too long which leads to an overly dry, rubbery bird. Pair with a lovely oak-aged Chardonnay.

08. Herb Roasted Turkey:

Turkey is not just for Thanksgiving! A beautifully roasted turkey will be on many a Christmas dinner table. While countless different wines go very well with turkey, a (good) white or red Burgundy will really kick the flavors up a notch.

07. Standing Rib Roast of Beef:

Not only will this recipe help make your Christmas dinner table oh so picturesque, but it is also packed with flavor and unbelievably tender. As with most red meats, a fuller-bodied wine is always going to be a good choice, an aged Merlot or Cabernet Sauvignon would be the perfect Christmas wine pairing.

06. Rosemary Rubbed Side of Salmon with Roasted Potatoes, Parsnips, and Mushrooms:

If you are looking for a lighter entree, salmon may be the way to go. This recipe offers a lovely mix of flavors with distinct textures. The salmon comes out light and flaky while the complimentary potatoes add a savory companion. A red wine, such as a classic Pinot Noir, is the best Christmas wine pairing to round out this gorgeous (and tasty!) Christmas feast.

05. Rosemary Christmas Chicken:

Rosemary seems to be a popular flavor during the Christmas season, although, this recipe adds a little twist and is definitely not your typical, boring Christmas meal. While most wines pair quite well with roasted chicken, light red wine like Beaujolais would work wonderfully.

04. Julia’s Roast Duck:

Another classic Christmas entree. This roasted duck recipe is on a whole other level. Juicy, tender, and outstanding flavor, this is one holiday feast your family won’t soon forget. A crisp rose wine goes very well with this tender, superbly flavorful recipe.

03. Christmas Night Lasagna:

Umm, who doesn’t like homemade lasagna?? This is a perfect recipe for those who do not want to go to the conventional Christmas dinner route. Cheesy and deliciously comforting, if you want to stand out in the crowd this Christmas, this lasagna is the way to go about it. An acidic Chianti is the perfect pairing for this twist on an Italian classic.

02. Wild Mushroom Beef Stroganoff:

So you are tired of serving the same Christmas turkey or ham? Why not mix it up a bit with this cozy, delectable stroganoff? Beautifully presented and absolutely filling, your friends and family will be wondering why they ever made a turkey for Christmas Day in the first place. A deep red Burgundy wine will perfectly complement this comforting dish.

01. Glazed Spiral Ham:

Ham and Christmas go together like Santa and his elves. This is a more common take than our previous ham recipe, using a popular spiral ham. Now, this recipe uses a bourbon glaze (which is amazing, by the way), however, you can also use a more traditional glaze. This dinner would not be complete without a bold, fruity glass of Reisling.

Christmas dinner does not have to equate to stress. This is the one time of the year that is primarily focused on togetherness. Good food, great friends, and the perfect Christmas wine pairing. What more could you ask Santa for?

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