12 Favorite Summer Fruit and Wine Pairings

Let’s first say that the best way to stay cool in the summer heat is to drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. But when you feel the need to treat yourself, slow down and enjoy an array of fruit and wine pairings.

Summer is a wonderful time to enjoy refreshing fruits and wines that complement each other perfectly. The right summer wine will both complement and be enhanced by a summer fruit that can bring out the right notes.

Here are several summer fruits and wine pairings that will satisfy the palate. 

Fruit and Wine Pairings

1. Pineapple and Riesling

Pineapple’s tropical sweetness pairs well with the floral and fruity notes of a slightly sweet Riesling. The wine’s acidity helps balance the fruit’s natural sweetness.

2. Apples and Chardonnay

This list wouldn’t be complete without the most versatile fruit of all, apples! Apples add a bit of texture and plenty of flavor to a pairing with Chardonnay. Taking into account the minerality that is found within the Chardonnay grape, this pairing is quite interesting. The wine and the fruit play off each other in a manner that might not be readily obvious. This works on a level that is highly pleasing to the palate and has a solid taste profile that is not overwhelming. 

3. Cherries and Rosato

Cherries are a fabulous summer fruit that adds a great deal of flavor to any pairing. They have the ability to overpower many different taste profiles because of their sheer sweetness. But, with a charming Rosato, this combination becomes a delight that many would agree will lead to a memorable evening. 

4. Raspberries and Chardonnay

The subtle notes of a good Chardonnay can easily be missed, but keeping a small bushel of raspberries around to pop in your mouth can help add to the less obvious notes in the wine. As a successful pairing of summer fruit with wine, this combination is one that will leave you feeling joyful and satisfied. 

5. Peaches and Chenin Blanc

This sparkling summer wine is often seen with dishes that are a bit heavier in nature. But pair this wine with a ripe, yellow peach and you’ll notice how well the flavors and textures blend together. 

6. Watermelon and Rosé

Watermelon’s juicy sweetness pairs beautifully with a crisp, dry rosé wine. The wine’s light and fruity flavors enhance the refreshing nature of the fruit.

7. Melon and Verminto

Subtle wine flavors that are sweet and taste of honey help to bring to life the taste of the melon. Vermentino delivers refreshing notes that make this one of the perfect pairings on this list. Cantaloupe or honeydew melon would work perfectly as a light snack. As a summer combo, these two leave a pleasing taste behind and are sure to become a go-to summer snack.

8. Strawberries and Champagne

The bright and delicate flavors of strawberries go hand in hand with the effervescence of champagne. This classic pairing is perfect for celebrating special occasions or enjoying a romantic summer evening.

There are tons of other fruit and wine pairings to explore. Furthermore, fruit and wine go great with cheese, crackers, and many other summer favorites. Enjoy these refreshing flavor combinations all season long!

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