Famous Wine Paintings From the Early Modern Period

From Leonardo Di Vinci to Vicent Van Gogh and Pablo Picasso to Salvidor Dali, the depiction of wine has proved to be a deep-rooted tradition in art. From celebratory, religious, and hedonism, wine has been used as a form of symbolism, expression, and figurative art.

Behold 10 of the most famous wine paintings illustrating the time.

The Triumph of Bacchus
Artist: Diego Velázquez
Created: 1626–1628
Location: Museo Nacional del Prado, Madrid

Girl with a Wineglass
Artist: Johannes Vermeer
Created: 1658–1659
Location: Herzog Anton Ulrich Museum, Germany

The Red Vineyard
Artist: Vincent van Gogh
Created: 1888
Location: The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow

The Wedding at Cana
Artist: Paolo Veronese
Created: 1562–1563
Location: Louvre Museum

At Mouquin’s
Artist: William Glackens
Created: 1905
Location: The Art Institute of Chicago

Luncheon of the Boating Party
Artist: Pierre-Auguste Renoir
Created: 1880–1881
Location: The Phillips Collection

Young Sick Bacchus
Artist: Caravaggio
Created: 1593
Location: Borghese Gallery and Museum

Le Jeune Degustateur
Artist: Philippe Mercier
Created: between 1725 and 1730
Location: Louvre Museum

The Last Supper
Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Created: 1495–1498
Location: Santa Maria delle Grazie, Italy

Hip, Hip, Hurrah!
Artist: Peder Severin Krøyer
Created: 1888
Location: Gothenburg Museum of Art, Sweden

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