Your Guide to the Best Christmas Gifts for Wine Lovers

Finding gifts for wine lovers may seem obvious- wine, right? Perhaps, but what about wine connoisseurs that already have an impressive wine collection? While they still will surely appreciate a good bottle of vino (we have plenty, hint, hint), there are plenty of gifts for wine lovers that aren’t wine itself.


Trust me when I tell you, the wine gifts below will help create lasting memories for years to come.


Beginner Gifts for Wine Lovers


A Wine Atlas

A unique and useful wine gift for beginner and intermediate wine lovers would be a wine atlas. This type of book is specially designed to teach the various types of wine and their histories. Even a good atlas can’t list all of the wines out there but it will break down the major types. It will also provide insight into wine production and consumption.

Wine Journal

A wine journal is a super useful wine gift for keeping track of the different types of wine experienced. Some of the journals have tabs for wine enthusiasts to write down tasting notes.

Wine Aroma Tasting Kit

I’ve talked about the importance of learning how to smell wine before. The aroma of a wine has a big influence on your experience. In fact, it’s the most diverse aspect of wine tasting! It can help to distinguish its origin, history, and character. Knowing that a wine aroma tasting set is just what the sommelier ordered for beginner wine lovers.

Tools Make Great Wine Gifts


Specialized Corks

Specialized corks are another ingenious gift for wine aficionados. Some have the ability to allow air to enter into a wine bottle improving its taste. Other corks simply help to keep bottles chilled or cool to maintain taste and form. Either way, they come in some really unique designs nowadays.

Wine Thermometer

You can’t go wrong with a wine thermometer when looking for a wine gift that will impress. This straightforward tool will help a wine connoisseur appreciate all a wine has to offer. The Menu Fahrenheit Wine Thermometer is an excellent choice that won’t break the bank.

Wine Cooler and Aerator

Cockcicle Air Wine Cooler and Aerator Gifts for Wine LoversYou can now get a wine cooler and aerator all-in-one! Technology sure has come a long way! These convenient doohickeys are perfect for helping someone reach the next level in their “wine journey.” They keep wine chilled and aerated for short periods of time. I especially like the Corkcicle Air as it has a nice pour-through feature.

Writer Pens for Marking Wine Bottles

Most people typically wouldn’t need to mark bottles. There are some, however, that go unmarked which is where writer pens come in handy. They allow wine tasters with a way of tracking a certain variety they may encounter while wine tasting. Alternatively, the pens can be used to mark wine glasses.

Durand Corkscrew

Considered the best bottle opener in the world, the Durand Corkscrew will not disappoint! Wine enthusiasts all over the world recommend it and for good reason.

Champagne Stopper

A champagne stopper is a fantastic way to keep bubbly, well…bubbly! Any wine lover would be impressed with this useful gift. After all, it saves money! One review of the Fantes Champagne Stopper praised it saying, the stopper actually kept the bubbles so well “it completely popped off and almost hit my face.” Best part, it’s only $8.99.

Novelty Wine Gifts


Wine Baskets

I know, this may sound so old school but hear me out. What’s better than spreading out a blanket, and enjoying a basket filled with cheeses, bread, and a bottle of white wine?! Not much! I assure you, any traditional oenophile will get a kick out of it.

Personalized Wine Glasses

Plain and simple, these will forever be a big hit as gifts for wine lovers.

Wine Holder

Chain Wine Holder Gifts for Wine LoversChain wine holders and other specialized wine support devices make really cool gifts! Try getting a couple types of wine holders and/or wine racks. They will provide options for wine lovers to store their favorite bottles and look cute while doing it.

Wine Carrying Tote

If you’re looking for something useful, fun, and fashionable, look no further than a wine tote! Most come with handles, adjustable strap, interior dividers and room to spare. They are great for wine lovers who enjoy the outdoors or visiting with friends.

Wine Travel Case

Are you traveling for the holidays? If so, this just might be the perfect gift for yourself. You have our permission, treat yo’self! A wine travel case is just like it sounds, it’s a suitcase that is designed to carry many bottles of wine. Your welcome!

Wine Cooler Sleeve

It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s useful. You guessed it, a wine cooler sleeve! I’m sorry but you can never have too many. This is a safe choice when it comes to gifts for wine lovers.

Portable Wine Glass

Continuing with wine gifts for mobility is a portable wine glass. They pair great with the wine basket, travel case, and wine carrying tote. It’s also a smart idea for those with kids to prevent any sip sneaking! Cupture makes a collection of cute and colorful ones that are just under $25.00.

Best Gift for Wine Lovers EVER


Wine Club Membership

Last but certainly not least, is the gift that keeps on giving, a McClain Cellars Wine Club Membership. With three different membership levels, there is something for everyone and every budget. The membership includes access to benefits like special discounts on wine and apparel,
complimentary wine tastings, event invitations and more. A McClain Cellars Wine Club membership means more than the wine itself. It means looking forward to more time spent together, enjoying the company of a family and friends. It means time spent on yourself, reflecting and relaxing. Whether it’s for yourself, a significant other, or a friend- your sure to have a better 2019 with a wine club membership courtesy of yours truly.

Happy Holidays!

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