7 Delicious Wine-Infused Recipes for Thanksgiving

Are you getting tired of the same Thanksgiving recipes and looking for ways to spice things up? If you are looking for something tasty but unique to make, then consider a wine-infused recipe for Thanksgiving. If you are a fan of wine and fall comfort food, you will love the following recipes!

Wine and Mushroom Butternut Squash Noodles

Butternut squash is one of my favorite fall foods. Pairing this iconic vegetable with noodles and infusing it with wine is a great way to spice it up. After spiralizing the squash, drench it in a white wine mushroom sauce.  This is the perfect way to take a squash dish to another level. 

Wine Infused Mashed Potatoes 

Mashed potatoes are a timeless Thanksgiving food. Adding wine to mashed potatoes is a good way to spice up regular mashed potatoes. Two cups of white wine to three pounds of potatoes is all you need. Add salt, water, and butter and taste. Add two thyme twigs to add some green color to the mashed potatoes.

Wine-Braised Carrots 

Rainbow carrots can be a colorful addition to your dinner table. Better yet, infusing them with wine will take this dish to another level. Braise your carrots with wine and sage. You’ll need a pound of carrots and half a cup of dry white wine. Water, salt, pepper, and onion are also needed to for this dish. This dish is easier to make with baby carrots versus large full-size carrots. 

Roast Cooked In Red Wine 

A very tasty Thanksgiving recipe with wine is roast cooked in red wine. Red wine makes for such a good marinade. A chuck of roast with all the classic vegetables like onions, carrots, and celery is the basis of this dish. The special ingredient is the red wine. You will blow your dinner guests away. This roast will be an unforgettable dish on your dinner table this Thanksgiving. 

Turkey With Wine Gravy 

There is a way you can transform the classic turkey for Thanksgiving. Wine gravy is a good way of doing this. Season your turkey as usual with herbs. Next, comes the white wine gravy. A cup of white wine, drippings from the turkey, butter, flour and seasonings is exactly what you’ll need for this divine wine gravy, 

You’ll definitely surprise your dinner guests for Thanksgiving with these recipes. From wine-infused mashed potatoes to roast cooked in red wine to wine gravy with your turkey, there are so many options for wine-infused recipes. Take a simple glass of red wine to new heights when you combine it with traditional holiday food. Make this Thanksgiving a Thanksgiving you won’t forget with these delectable recipes.

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