8 Comfort Food Recipes with Wine Pairings for Fall

Fall has arrived which means plenty of delicious fall feasts to look forward to! How about chilly nights beside a roaring fire; with the cool, crisp air, making the perfect atmosphere for snuggles and cuddles under a warm, cozy blanket? Add a good book and, of course, a savory, aromatic glass of wine and you’re all set! Is it just me or does autumn brings about a feeling of almost giddiness? The weather is more forgiving, and the anticipation of Christmas is waiting just around the corner. That makes this season the best to enjoy a glass, as well as participating in the wine tasting festivities. Enjoy these wine pairings for fall and all the comfort foods that come along with the season!

Zinfandel with Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet potatoes are a big hit in the fall. Depending on what you choose to do with it, your wine choices will change. But for a delicious, hearty sweet potato shepherd’s pie, a full-bodied red like Zinfandel will bring out the richness and sweetness from the dish.

Roasted Duck and Merlot

Fall is time for hunting season, and wild game is a great choice for cozying up by the fire. If you’re serving something as rich and fatty as wild duck, you’ll want a smooth wine like Merlot. Its easy tannins give the wine a less acidic taste, and it’s great for a versatile after-dinner drink.

Baked Mushrooms and Cabernet Sauvignon

Portobello mushrooms have an earthy, meaty quality, like steak, and they pair well with robust reds. But for stuffed or baked mushrooms with cheese, you’ll want to go with a Cabernet Sauvignon, which has a heavy red and black fruit flavor, traditionally, with a high tannin content that pairs well with both mushrooms and red meat.

Shiraz and Chili

In the Southern areas of the US, fall means one thing: Hot chili peppers. I don’t know about you, but as soon as the temperature drops, I am craving a big bowl of chili. It’s hardly the meal you’d associate with wine, but it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser. The fruitiness of the Shiraz complements the tomatoes, and the beef, making it the perfect wine to pair with chili, especially when you’re choosing your own heat.

Venison and Red Bordeaux

Another great choice for wild game is a rich, full-bodied red like a Bordeaux. You want something that will smooth out to compliment the richness of the meat. Bordeaux also pairs well with lamb or beef, but because we’re talking fall tastes, you really want to get the most out of this fantastic venison stew!

Chicken Pot Pie and Sparkling Wine

Another surprising fall favorite. Sparkling wine is a great addition to your fall table, with a lightness that pairs well with a hearty, comforting chicken pot pie. It’s a great way to turn your family meals into a celebration, too!

Pumpkin Pie and Port

Desserts need wine too! Port is a sweet and rich dessert wine that pairs well with rich, indulgent flavors. And in the fall, there’s nothing richer or more indulgent than pumpkin pies and cakes. The sweetness of the port balances the spices out beautifully.

Pinot Noir and Pork

Pinot noir is the perfect complement to any pork dish. They share a sweet and smokiness. The wine’s fruity undertones of cherry and raspberry play well with sweet, savory and tangy flavors in pork. Try this spiced pork shoulder and we’re sure you’ll agree!

Fall is a great time for family, friends, and food! And when people and food get together, it just makes sense to open a great bottle of wine. Try sharing one of these wine pairings for fall with friends, over your favorite bottle. I hope this list can provide a perfect guide for how to pair your favorite foods with your best bottles, and appreciate your friends in style!

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