12 Wine Myths Real Connosieurs Know Aren’t True

There are a number of wine myths and customs that people have come to assume are true. These 12 common myths about wine, however, have been proven wrong or not necessarily true. Read on to find out which wine myths you’ve heard and why it’s high time you stop believing them.

Myths About Wine Explained

Red Wine Pairs with Red Meat

Red wine may be strong balancing out the boldness of red meats but don’t rule out other meats. Fatty fish for example goes extremely well with light to medium reds. Red wine with red meats is just a loose guideline, it’s more about the flavors that you should pay attention to. It does not matter what protein is being served as long as it compliments the wine or vice versa.

Barrel Equals Quality

Some feel that the more time the wine is spent in the barrel the better quality it is. When it comes to red wine it does need to balance out in the barrel. If the consumer is looking for a lighter wine, however, less time in the barrel can actually lend a better taste.

Aged Wine is Better

Again, this largely depends on the wine. Some wines are ready to drink right away and are of superb quality as is. Keep in mind, however, that once the bottle is opened it’s ideal to finish the bottle so as not to lose its organic and flavor profile. 

Serving at Room Temperature

While some people think wine should be at room temperature, different types of wine are ideal at different temperatures. Older red wines should be around 15 degrees cooler than room temperature while younger wines should be around 12 degrees.

To Decanter or Not to Decanter

All wines do not have to be decanted. This is done to eliminate the sediment in older wines. Most wines do not need decanters at all. A person should uncork the wine and allow it to settle for a few minutes. It will most likely be fine to serve.

Good Wines Require a Cork

To keep the wine tasting good a cork is needed. This is most definitely a wine myth, it is fine to use other methods to close the wine such as a twist cap. As long as the wine is closed well to prevent oxidation, it is fine.

Acidity is Key

It is said that good wines need to have acid. This is more of a preference. There are some good wines out there that do not have high acidity. This is based on what a person likes.

The More Expensive the Better Quality 

Expensive does not always equal quality. A good glass of wine does not need to cost a lot of money. The quality of cheaper wines has improved over the past few years.

Red Wines Aren’t Good for Summer

Wine does not go out of season. If a person enjoys a good red wine they can still drink it during the summer. It is recommended, however, that the wine be served slightly more on the cool side.

Do not Refrigerate Wine

While this is true prior to opening, once the seal is broken it will need to be chilled. Put the cap back on and keep the wine cool so that it does not lose its flavor.

Champagne must be in a flute glass

Flutes are elegant but they are not for twirling. When people drink champagne they want to smell and move it. Therefore, don’t take this wine myth seriously, champagne can be served in traditional wine glasses without a problem.

All Grapes are the Same

When it comes to wine different grapes from different areas will have different tastes. A person can explore different regions and wine types to find their wine preference.

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