All About National Wine And Cheese Day and How to Celebrate

Wine and cheese lovers, rejoice! Founded in 2014, Wine and Cheese Day is a celebration that comes but once a year on the 25th of July. Throughout history, wine and cheese have been paired together and served at elegant, grandiose gatherings—a tale as old as time, one could say. Wine and Cheese Day embodies this age-old tradition of elegance and grandiosity. It is a celebration of two ageless and palatable companions: cheese and wine.

So, What Exactly is Wine and Cheese Day?

Beyond being a designated day to enjoy fine wine and mature cheese (sign me up!), Wine and Cheese Day is a day that celebrates the timeless pairing of cheese and wine. In wine-producing regions, wine is artfully paired with local cheeses. For instance, in the French region of Sancerre, Sauvignon Blanc is paired with a Crottin de Chavignol goat cheese that is produced in the same region.

Thousands of wine grape and cheese varieties exist worldwide—just imagine all of the possible pairings. Feeling inspired? Utilize Wine and Cheese Day as an opportunity to learn about the art of pairing, and put together your very own platter. There are, of course, general guidelines to consider when determining pairings; however, trying different combinations is a sure way to increase your knowledge and expand your palette. Be daring in your pairings.

“The best way of learning about anything is by doing.”

 –Richard Branson

We have all heard the theory that opposites attract. In the case of wine and cheese, this could not be truer. It is beneficial to understand the science behind why cheese compliments wine in such a unique and delectable way. Food pairings typically involve pairing an astringent food with a fatty food, like cheese. Wine has astringent properties. Astringent foods dry a person’s mouth, whereas fatty foods coat a person’s mouth with lubricant. Wine without cheese would leave one in a state of mouth drought, and cheese without wine would leave one with a slimy tongue overwhelmed with flavor. Together, and paired appropriately, wine and cheese are a culinary nirvana. Wine and Cheese Day celebrates this succulent yin and yang relationship.

How to Celebrate Wine and Cheese Day

You guessed it—the best way to celebrate Wine and Cheese Day is by hosting a tasting of your own! The larger the variety of cheese and wine, the better. Keep in mind a pairing (or two) for the reds and for the whites. You can never go wrong in pairing a region-specific wine with a cheese that comes from that same region. Our fruit-forward wines from the Central Coast of California paired with local artisan cheeses are a prime example!

The best tip I can give you is to explore and enjoy, but here are a few others that may assist in your celebration:

  • When in doubt, lean toward a cheese that is firm and nutty. 
  • If it is sparkling wines you prefer, try pairing them with a soft cheese like Brie.
  • Be mindful in your pairings—a bold wine should be paired with a bold cheese, as to not overwhelm the cheese with the wine and vice versa.
  • If you are daring, try pairing a blue-veined cheese with a sweeter wine, like moscato. The sweetness of the wine and the funkiness of the cheese are a lovely balancing act.

Bring your newfound knowledge of wine and cheese to fruition and BYOP (build your own platter) this Wine and Cheese Day. Host an intimate, or a grandiose, gathering with friends, neighbors, family, and of course—cheese and wine.

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