3 Wine-Infused Ice Cream Recipes You’ll Go Crazy For

There’s not much better than a relaxing night at home accompanied by an aromatic glass of wine. Okay, there may be one thing that’s better, wine ice cream! No, I haven’t topped off the bottle – hear me out. There are recipes that have wine actually in them. Yes, seriously, and they are positively innovatively delicious. With fruit, no fruit, with or without syrup, the best recipes are those that you can make your own (and those that include vino of course).

Here are three of my personal favorites.

3. Riesling Ice Cream (Or Peach White Zinfandel if you’re feeling adventurous):

With its apricot notes and overall balanced acidity, the Riesling blends exceptionally well with the richness of the ice cream. Peach White Zinfandel would work incredibly well too. Throw in some fresh peaches, apricots, or chunks of mango, topping it all with whipped cream. Serve with a side of apple tarts.

2. Chocolate Cabernet Red Wine Ice Cream:

Decadent and rich, the Cabernet adds depth and pairs well with the sweetness. One of the best parts of this particular wine ice cream is its versatility. Add chunks of chocolate, strawberries, get creative with it. The Cabernet could also be replaced with Muscato!

1. Pinot Noir Ice Cream:

Not only is this one delicious, but it is also quite beautiful, the rich, bold, purple color stands out. The beauty of the Pinot Noir is the subtle, yet notable, notes of both blackberry and strawberry, along with its distinctive oakiness. It makes for a bottle of great wine but an even better cold and refreshing dessert!

(Bonus) Healthier Alternatives:

Merlot, Berry, and Dark Chocolate Sorbet:

The mix of dark chocolate, sweet berries, and Merlot make for a delightfully palatable frozen dessert. And, the great thing about this one is that it is heart-healthy, not to mention lower in calories. Rich and creamy this is one dessert that can be a guilty pleasure without feeling guilty about it.

Red Wine Raspberry Sorbet:

This sorbet works quite well with Port wine, Merlot, Cabernet, or for an even lighter dessert, Rose. If looking for extra sweetness, the Port wine would be the way to go. Fresh raspberries will elevate it from being great to being completely out of this world.

The flexibility of the above wine ice cream recipes is what makes them so wonderful. Whatever your preference as far as wine goes, can be used in place of the ones the recipe calls for. Mix things up a bit, get creative. As the famous author Ernest Hemingway once said, “My only regret in life is that I did not drink more wine.” – Truer words have never been spoken. I think even he would appreciate the mingling of vino + dessert in these delectable recipes.

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