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Custom Crush Services

We offer a “state of the art” custom crush facility in Buellton, CA. Our services range from complete winemaking services, and crush-and-go, to basic destemming, fermentation, barrel management, and simple case-good storage.

Award Winning Wine

Led by Dean Guzman, Head Winemaker for McClain Cellars, our team has the facility and experience to affordably carry the weight as a custom crush operation. We can take your wine from grape to bottle all in-house. We have the ability to help a start-up winery establish a brand and a product or take over the production needs of established organizations and help them to better manage their wine production needs.

State of the Art Facility

Custom drains, a complete water management system, tanks ranging from 1-ton bins to 10-ton closed tops. We have forklifts, pumps, 25-foot ceiling, and everything you need to manage a state-of-the-art wine-making facility. We are excited to finally offer our services to other wineries, companies, and individuals looking for a clean and safe place to produce quality wines on the Central Coast of California.


Crush & Go Services

  • Grapes delivered to our facility from your vineyard
  • Destemming and Crushing into your fermentation bins
  • You take the bins away for fermentation and deliver them back to us to press into your totes.

Full Crushing/Fermenting
      Let us do the work or you can do it yourself.

  • Mechanical Berry Sorting
  • Standard Crush
  • Crush for Juicing/Must
  • Presses with Whole Cluster Options for Whites
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • Irrigator or Hand Pump-Overs
  • Destemming

Winemaking/Tank Storage

  • Temperature-Controlled Storage
  • Additions
  • Racking
  • Blending

Barrel & Case Storage

  • New Barrel Preparation
  • Temperature-Controlled Barrel Aging
  • Barrel Fermentation
  • General Barrel Services (Topping, Racking, Additions)
  • 2 warehouses for storing glass, corks, and case goods


  • General TTB/ABC by a Third Party
  • Access to software for you to do Wine
  • Tracking/Reporting
  • Label Registration/COLA by a Third Party
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