Top 5 Wine Apps for Beginner Wine Enthusiasts

Wine enthusiasts love convenience as much as anyone. Have you ever stopped in a wine store or winery for a last-minute bottle of vino only to be completely overwhelmed with the selection or wine terms? Why not learn from your experience and be prepared in the future?

If you want to know about a certain wine, there’s a wine app for that!


For example, the Vivino wine app has a photo label recognition system that can provide information such as ratings, reviews, and tasting notes. There is a database of wine reviews and it can save a list of your favorite wines. The app can give wine recommendations and tell you where you can purchase a wine nearby. When searching for a particular vintage, if it can’t be located, Vivino’s own team of experts can manually identify it given a little time.


Decanter’s “know your wine” app is created to help teach the fundamentals of wine. It has 10 free modules and offers others available via in-app purchases. This app provides brief informational units about a variety of wine topics. It covers topics from regional varieties of grapes to definitions. It is designed to be used in short bursts to settle into your long-term memory easier. This app will grow your wine knowledge whether you’re a budding sommelier or an oenophile!


Wine publication Vinious went mobile with this wine expertise app. It features wine reviews, an extensive glossary of terms, a global database of tasting notes, as well as articles and other resources. Free users can sign in with their social media accounts however, the best parts of the app are unlocked via subscriptions of $ 7.99 per month. The wine app is free to use by the Vinious subscribers.

My Wine Society

My wine society was ranked one of the top wine apps by wine enthusiasts. This app is recognized for connecting vineyards to wine lovers. The social engagement platform is focused on wine for vendors, vineyards, and global wine enthusiasts. Furthermore, wineries can uniquely communicate with their customers. By using this app you can also win things such as free tastings, tours, and other amazing prizes while learning about the world of wine.


Tipple is a new way to learn about wine. It guides you through the process of tasting wine and intuitively interprets your experience into tasting notes. Additionally, it boasts a full range of industry terms and features tips to help guide you through every stage of evaluating a wine’s characteristics. You’ll also love the dictionary of common grape varieties, wine regions, and countries. One other feature is a ‘timewine’ which is a scrollable visual history of the wines you have had.

There you have it, the top 5 wine apps for wine enthusiasts! They offer wine label recognition, a way to save your favorites, and food pairing recommendations. Most feature glossaries of wine terms and will grow your wine knowledge, as well. If adding even more apps to your already app-flooded phone interface doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with fun and educational content right here on our blog.


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